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In: Grazer Philosophische Studien
In: Perspectives on Psychologism
In: Explorations of Value


Several versions of progressivism are presented and discussed (C.S. Peirce, K.R. Popper, Th. Kuhn, I. Lakatos, L. Laudan). Peirce's doctrine (fallibilism) is subjected to analysis and critique (Quine) as well as Hegel's philosophy in this matter. Hempel and Putnam are referred to as representatives of progressivism in science. A discussion on Popper's views as confronted with Kuhn's theory closes the article.

In: Epistemology and History
In: Creativity in Art, Religion, and Culture
In: Cultural Relativism and Philosophy
In: Pragmatism and Values


The paper explores the possibility of a third option, beyond rationalism and empiricism, in the theory of induction and the analysis of necessary paths in science, by way of Whewell’s running dispute with Mill.

In: Whewell's Critics
In: Identität und Existenz

The paradoxes of akrasia are examined in some depth with attention to a number of well-known analyses, particularly those advanced by Donald Davidson and R.M. Hare.

In: Journal of Chinese Philosophy