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Josephine P. van Meer, Gerard. J. Veldhuis, Martijn L. van Emmerik and Nicolet C. M. Theunissen

The purpose of this article is to introduce and validate AID (Assistant for Instructional Design), a tool that supports educational developers in selecting appropriate educational concepts. Due to periodical job rotation within the military, educational developers are not always experts in the educational field and are consequently unaware of the different types of educational concepts that are available to teach with. AID has been developed over the course of several years, as a support for educational developers. It incorporates both theoretical and practical criteria related to selecting a suitable concept for an educational program. Subsequently, it provides support in the actual concretization of the educational program. In continuance of two pilots, AID has been tested by 29 instructors in training. The results show that AID is an effective tool for advising educational developers. It can be concluded that AID can provide valuable support for the development of new educational programs.