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In this volume Julien M. Ogereau investigates the origins and development of Christianity in the Roman province of Macedonia in the first six centuries CE. Drawing from the oldest literary sources, Ogereau reconstructs the earliest history of the first Christian communities in the region and explores the legacy of the apostle Paul in the cities of Philippi, Thessalonica, and Beroea. Turning to the epigraphic and archaeological evidence, Ogereau then examines Christianity’s dissemination throughout the province and its impact on Macedonian society in late antiquity, especially on its epigraphic habits and material culture.
In: Sōtēria: Salvation in Early Christianity and Antiquity

This article consists of the summary of a comprehensive survey of the terms κοινωνία, κοινωνός, and κοινωνέω, in documentary sources (i.e., inscriptions and papyri). Moving beyond basic semantic questions, it focuses on the usages and pragmatic connotations of these cognates in a wide range of documentary contexts dating between ca. v bc and ad vii. Thereby it purports to broaden current understandings of the terms, draw attention to unsuspected or overlooked connotations, and highlight potentially relevant examples vis-à-vis the nt.

In: Novum Testamentum
In: Authority and Identity in Emerging Christianities in Asia Minor and Greece
In: Authority and Identity in Emerging Christianities in Asia Minor and Greece
In: Authority and Identity in Emerging Christianities in Asia Minor and Greece
This book explores how early Christian communities constructed, developed, and asserted their identity and authority in various socio-cultural contexts in Asia Minor and Greece in the first five centuries CE. With the help of the database Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae (ICG), special attention is given to ancient inscriptions which represent a rich and valuable source of information on the early Christians’ social and religious identity, family networks, authority structures, and place and function in society. This collection of essays by various specialists of Early Christianity, Epigraphy, and Late Antiquity, offers a broad geographical survey of the expansion and socio-cultural development of Christianity/ies in Asia Minor and Greece, and sheds new light on the religious transformation of the Later Roman Empire.