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Author: Kabiru Goje


Immunization is considered one of the most important means of protecting human beings against infectious disease. Allah, in His mercy, created means of immunization for the people. Immunization is more effective than any other means of controlling contagious diseases. Quarantine is also one of the most important means of curbing the spread of epidemic diseases in the contemporary era. The Prophet (PBUH) in several hadiths unequivocally explained the principles of immunization and quarantine. He prohibited people from entering the place affected by plague and prohibited the people of the place from leaving it. The aim of this paper is to study immunization and quarantine in the light of the Prophetic traditions with reference to the UAE’s COVID-19 infection control. The relationship between the two principles and the Prophetic traditions can thus be made clear. The research employs the analytical qualitative method using library-based research, examination of both primary sources of Islamic legislation (the Quran and the Sunna) and secondary sources (classical and modern literature of Muslim scholars). The research finds that there are a number of Prophetic traditions that mention medical immunization and quarantine. If put into practice, they would have a great impact in curbing the surge of any communicable disease and providing cure for other diseases.

In: Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies