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Chapter 13 Bisexuality and Bisexuality Studies
In: Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education
Chapter 79 Monosexism
In: Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education
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This chapter explores queer and trans student identity development across high school and higher education contexts. Most early theories recognize the development of identity across the lifespan. Nevertheless, the K-12 and higher education literature on queer student identities and experiences does not often adopt the same approach: K-12 scholars rarely consider what comes next for high school students, and higher education researchers seldom center precollege experiences in their work. Further, much of the LGB identity development scholarship has not adequately contended with power, embraced fluidity, or considered multiple dimensions of identity. Literature on trans identity development has been particularly absent, as have models that include pansexual, asexual, and queer individuals. To address this gap, the authors examine queer and trans students’ identity exploration experiences in both high school and collegiate settings. The authors begin with a brief introduction to relevant student development theories then expand upon our own queer student experiences and connections to theory. Next, the authors present student narratives to explore how high school experiences inform identity development in college. The authors conclude with the ways existing theories help us to make sense of these experiences and point towards the need for new, critical and poststructural models.

In: Bridging the Rainbow Gap