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In: Crustaceana
In: Crustaceana
Author: Katsushi Sakai


Material collected during the Pacific Expedition (1913-1916) under the leadership of Dr. Th. Mortensen was studied. As a result of the examination, Jaxea novaezealandiae Wear & Yaldwyn, 1966 (Laomediidae Borradaile, 1903) and Eucalliax kensleyi Dworschak, 2005 (Callianassidae Dana, 1852, sensu Sakai & Sawada, 2006) are recorded, and Tuerkaygourretia galathea gen. et sp. nov. (Gourretiidae Sakai, 1999) and Garyia sachikoae sp. nov. (Thomassiniidae De Saint Laurent, 1979) are newly described. The family Gourretiidae, reviewed on this occasion, is safely considered to comprise eight genera, including five new ones, Heterogourretia gen. nov., Ivorygourretia gen. nov., Plantesgourretia gen. nov., Ruiyuliugourretia gen. nov. and Tuerkaygourretia gen. nov.

In: Studies on Decapoda and Copepoda in Memory of Michael Türkay