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Author: Kees
Author: Kees
Author: Alistair Kee

THE OLD COAT AND THE NEW WINE A Parable of Repentance BY ALISTAIR KEE Hull In its present position the double parable of the Old Coat and the New Wine 1) is part of the Reply of Jesus to the Question About Fasting. There are, broadly, two approaches to the double parable. By some it is regarded as being in its proper historical position. That is to say, it was spoken by Jesus on the same occasion to illustrate his Reply to the Question 2) .The other approach is to regard the double parable as probably authentic, but deriving from

In: Novum Testamentum
In: The Word in Arabic
Author: Kees Schilder

This article analyses the conversion to Islam of indigenous chiefs in North Cameroon. The chiefs studied belong to the Mundang ethnic group. Their islamisation is interpreted as the outcome of the ambivalence brought about by their intermediary role between local society and the wider society. This approach offers insights in (a) the connection between conversion and political careers; (b) the relation between Islam and ethnic identities; and (c) the popular legitimacy of conversion.

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In: Afrika Focus