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Edited by L.-E. Halkin, F. Bierlaire and René Hoven

Erasmus wrote his Colloquies as educational material for training boys in Latin conversation. This volume of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus offers a critical edition of the Latin texts of these influential, creative writings, which resemble short Latin plays. The editors present a critical edition of the Latin text, with an introduction and commentary in French, and provide linguistic, philological, historical, philosophical and theological background to the text.
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Edited by S. Dresden, L.-E. Halkin, J.N. Bakhuizen van den Brink and A. van Heck

Ordo V comprises works on religious instruction. This first volume of Ordo V in the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus offers one of Erasmus’ earliest writings De contemptu mundi and other theological works, including the Explanation on the Apostles’ Creed (also called Cathechismus), a book on prayer and a work on the Christian’s preparation on death. Critical editions of the Latin texts are offered and accompanied by introductions and commentaries in French that provide the reader with the philological, theological, linguistic and historical background information needed for a better understanding of the text and identify Erasmus’ sources.