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Laurence L. Welborn


The history of interpretation of 2 Cor 13:1 has been dominated by a metaphorical construal of the “three witnesses” as Paul’s three visits to Corinth. This essay proposes a literal understanding of the text: Paul invokes the Deuteronomic rule of judicial witnesses in his own defense, in accordance with the purposes of the statute. The essay then explores the implications of this interpretation for reconstruction of what happened on the occasion of Paul’s second, “painful” visit to Corinth.

Encounters with Hellenism

Studies on the First Letter of Clement


Edited by Cilliers Breytenbach and Laurence L. Welborn

This volume deals with the encounter of Early Christianity with Hellenistic culture, particularly with the question of ancient rhetorical influence on the First Letter of Clement. It contains reprints of two classical studies by A. von Harnack and W. Jaeger, which were seminal for the understanding the letter against a Hellenistic background, furthermore it makes an important essay of the Dutch scholar W.C. van Unnik on the literary and rhetorical genre of First Clement ( genos symbouleutikon) for the first time available in English. The editors also present two new studies: Breytenbach describes the Hellenistic background of Clement's use of metaphorical language and Welborn questions the traditional dating of First Clement on the basis of an analysis of the rhetorical situation.