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This book takes a critical lens to humanity’s collective regulatory response to the existential threat of climate change. It explores those aspects of the international climate change regime that, albeit born of political dysfunction, demonstrate ingenuity, innovation and experimentation. This includes aspects relating to the legal form of instruments in the regime, the legal character of its provisions, as well as norm hybridity and mutation, and the nature, extent and evolution of differential treatment in the regime. This book argues that innovations and experiments in the international climate change regime have resulted in a highly sophisticated and nuanced legal regime – one that challenges the conceptual boundaries of international law, enriches the core of treaty law and practice and is likely to have an enduring impact on international law, legal practice and diplomatic intercourse.

In the wake of the disappointing outcome of cop 24/cma 3.1 in relation to human rights, this article asks whether the Paris Agreement’s preambular recital on human rights is the outer limit of what the regime can countenance, as the text appears to suggest, or whether it is a hook for the gradual mainstreaming and expansion of human rights protections in the climate regime, as many human rights advocates hope. To address this question, the article explores the contest over the manner and extent to which human rights law applies in the climate change regime, as well as the context in which it is set in relation to the evolution of the climate regime from a prescriptive to a facilitative regime. The article concludes that procedural rights and commitments, which leave considerable discretion to states in relation to outcomes, slot neatly into the Paris Agreement’s architecture, and will likely be progressively mainstreamed and expanded. However, a significant expansion of substantive human rights protections in the climate regime will need to await its moment.

In: Climate Law
In: Climate Change and Environmental Hazards Related to Shipping: An International Legal Framework