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This article examines the harm suffered by women and girls in armed conflict and questions the role female lawyers and academics can play in order to best be of assistance. Specifically, the article addresses the problem that when women lawyers work only on gender issues, they find themselves in an all-female ghetto, excluding, or being excluded by, their male colleagues and brothers. Conversely, if women lawyers do not focus on atrocity crimes against women, the question arises of whether anyone will ensure these crimes receive attention. The article argues that by maintaining the treatment of gender crimes and crimes of sexual violence, and by ensuring adequate female representation in the various fields and institutions of international – and national – justice, these issues may be adequately addressed.

In: International Criminal Law Review
In: The Theory and Practice of International Criminal Law
In: For the Sake of Present and Future Generations
In: Promoting Accountability under International Law for Gross Human Rights Violations in Africa
In: Progress in International Law