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Identification Keys to the Microlepidoptera of the Netherlands

Determineertabellen voor de kleine vlinders van Nederland

Joop H. Kuchlein and Leo E.J. Bot

The order of the Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) is often divided into larger and smaller Lepidoptera, the so-called Macrolepidoptera and Microlepidoptera respectively. To the former group generally belong the larger species, such as butterflies, owl moths and geometers. The smaller moths are classed in the microlepidoptera.
For the larger moths there are quite a few comprehensive works enabling lepidopterologists to identify the moths. However the literature on microlepidoptera is inadequate for identification of the moths. This inadequacy is the main obstacle for the study of microlepidoptera.

This book provides identification keys to the Dutch smaller Lepidoptera, thus making an attempt to meet this difficulty at least for The Netherlands and as far as the adults are concerned. Of the 1427 species recorded from The Netherlands short descriptions are added as well as the period of appearance of the moths.
The key to the families is illustrated. For coloured photographs of the adults is referred to the website In an illustrated glossary many technical terms used in the identification keys are explained. Moreover, an updated edition of the checklist of the Dutch microlepidoptera is given.