Maurice Moens, Yu Li, Shiqi Ou, Xuemin Liu and Deliang Peng


A single randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker, OPA06477, species-specific to the soybean cyst nematode species, Heterodera glycines, was identified. After sequencing the RAPD-PCR products, primers of 24 nucleotides were designed to complement the terminal DNA sequence of the DNA fragments. This resulted in one pair of species-specific primers that were used to amplify the sequence characterised amplified regions (SCAR). The developed sets of SCAR primers were successfully used in straightforward, fast and reliable PCR assays to identify H. glycines. The SCAR markers can be amplified from DNA from single second-stage juveniles and females. This is the first time SCAR primers have been combined with universal primers D2A and D3B in order to avoid false negative results.