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The feminist indie porn film director Erika Lust is revamping the ways in which pornography is constructed during the time of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine is an indie porn documentary which compiles the experiences of six individuals in Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Florida in the year 2020. This chapter introduces Erika Lust, her website, the feminist pornography industry, and a questionnaire filled out by Erika Lust on the production of Sex & Love in the Time of Quarantine and the future of pornography. In addition, we explore how the erotic power within everyone becomes the force with which to alter traditional views on gender, sex, and sexuality, and, as a result, the erotic empowers the individual even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when pornography directors and performers recreate cinematographic outlets to author their own performances and continue to inspire viewers to rethink their sexual possibilities and desires.

In: Sexuality and Eroticism in a Post-pandemic World
The current erotic landscape is contradictory: While the West sees greater sexual and erotic freedom than ever, there is also a movement to restrict the behaviour of various sexual minorities. Expanding and Restricting the Erotic addresses the way in which the erotic has been constrained and freed, both historically and at present. Topics range from the troubling way in which the mainstream media represents the erotic, to the concept of friends with benefits. Other chapters explore female eroticism, from contemporary female hip hop artists to Latin American women seeking to express their eroticism in the midst of sexual repression. Medieval and Early Modern medical conceptions of the female body are explored, as are ancient Greek erotic practices. Finally, the controversial area of teenage girls’ erotic representation is analysed.