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In: Human Rights and the Concept of a Human Community with a Shared Future
Editors: and
This volume contains a selection of the edited and in some cases translated papers presented at the first South-South Human Rights Forum held in Beijing. The conference was jointly sponsored by the State Council Information Office and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event drew hundreds of participants, mainly scholars and government officials from developing countries and international organizations. Its main theme was “Building a Human Community with a Shared Future”, which built on a proposal launched by President Xi Jinping. The papers are mostly short and often policy-oriented, offering a unique insight into the thinking and planning associated with this South-South exchange and thus a wealth of information of interest to scholars. The topics covered emerge primarily from development-related issues, such as the rights to food, education, health and poverty reduction. Though much of the volume thus focuses on economic and social rights and the right to development, civil and political rights are also discussed in the context of the need for legal guarantees for the exercise of human rights and judicial protection of rights.
In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 1 (2006)


This front matter section of the book titled The China Society Yearbook, Volume 2: Analysis and Forecast of China?s Social Development contains the table of contents, list of tables and figures, preface, acknowledgements, list of contributors and an introduction. The book briefly reviews the formation and major characteristics of the state workforce in the centrally-control economy during the Mao?s era. It then discusses the changes in the labor market since 1978. The fall in the supply of cheap migrant labor from rural areas has had major impacts on the economy and society in China. The average monthly wage of rural migrant workers rose from ¥781 in 2003 to ¥953 in 2009, which represented a 22 percent increase.

In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 2


This index presents a list of author names and terms that are mentioned in the book titled The China Society Yearbook, Volume 2: Analysis and Forecast of China?s Social Development. Readers of the book are introduced to some vital statistics and the year?s events as they have documented China?s progress toward social harmony, higher quality of life, etc. The book examines crime and public security in China, arguing for an evident reduction in the total number of crimes in the past year. Survey results showed that citizens had felt more secure than before.

In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 2
In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 4
In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 4


This front matter section of the book The China Society Yearbook contains table of content, list of figures and tables, and preface. It also presents acknowledgments and list of contributors. This is followed by introduction about the book, which provides readers an overview of the trend of economic and social development in 2007. According to the report, Chinas economy in 2007 maintained a rapid growth, with a rate of more than 10 percent for 5 consecutive years, and the GDP is expected to reach the third largest worldwide in 2008. The report outlines six key areas in which significant progresses have been made: education and human resources, employment and labor relationship, income distribution, social security, health insurance, and social management. Several chapters of the book are devoted to documenting new trends of income distribution and disparities as well as their consequences.

In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 3
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The 2008 volume of The China Society Yearbook, the third volume in the annual China Society Blue Book series to be translated into English, contains important statistics and analysis from Chinese scholars on a wide array of social issues in China. Topics explored in this volume include employment, social security, national health insurance, labor security, political participation, the internet, food safety, corruption, and quality of life. Along with analysis, this volume offers recommendations and insight into the daunting issues and opportunities facing China as it transitions into a free-market system.
In: The China Society Yearbook, Volume 5