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In: Lomazzo’s Aesthetic Principles Reflected in the Art of his Time
Lomazzo's Aesthetic Principles Reflected in the Art of his Time explores the work of the Milanese artist-theorist Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo (1538–92) and his influence on the circle of the Accademia della Val di Blenio and beyond. Following reflections on Lomazzo's fortuna critica, the accompanying essays examine his admiration of Gaudenzio Ferrari; Lomazzo’s painted oeuvre; his influence on printmaking with Giovanni Ambrogio Brambilla; on drawing and painting with Aurelio Luini; on the decorative arts and the embroideress Caterina Cantoni; his pupils Giovanni Ambrogio Figino and Girolamo Ciocca; grotesque sculpture outside Milan; and Lomazzo in England with Richard Haydocke’s translation of the Trattato. In doing so, this book takes an innovative approach—one which aims to bridge the scholarship, hitherto disjoined, between Lomazzo the artist and Lomazzo the theorist—while expanding our knowledge of a protagonist of Renaissance and early modern art theory.

Contributors: Alessia Alberti, Federico Cavalieri, Jean Julia Chai, Roberto Paolo Ciardi, Alexander Marr, Silvia Mausoli, Mauro Pavesi, Rossana Sacchi, Paolo Sanvito, and Lucia Tantardini.
Grotesque and Caricature: Leonardo to Bernini examines these two genres across Renaissance and Early Modern Italy. Although their origins stem from Antiquity, it were Leonardo da Vinci’s early teste caricate that injected fresh life into the tradition, greatly inspiring generations of artists. Critical among them were his Milanese followers, such as Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, and also Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo as well as, notably, Annibale Carracci, Guercino, and Bernini among others. Their artistic production—drawings, prints, paintings, and sculpture—reveals deep interest in physical, physiognomic, and psychological observations with a penchant for humour and wit. Written by an international group of established and emerging scholars, this volume explores new insights to these complementary artistic genres.

Contributors include: Carlo Avilio, Ilaria Bernocchi, Christophe Brouard, Sandra Cheng, Susan Klaiber, Michael W. Kwakkelstein, Tod A. Marder, Rebecca Norris, Lucia Tantardini, Nicholas J. L. Turner, Mary Vaccaro, and Matthias Wivel.