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Ludovic Piffaut


L’Isle des foux by Egidio Duni was performed at Paris’s Comédie Italienne in december 1760. The text of the comic opera, created principally by Louis Anseaume, is inspired by Carlo Goldoni’s Dramma comico L’Arcifanfano, re dei Matti which was performed in Venice less than twenty years before the creation of L’Isle des foux. Due to its parodic nature, this work symbolised the hybridity between two lyric genres – Italian Opera and French Theater – genres that in the Eighteenth Century were seen as two independant entities. Anseaume’s thematic use of madness, is directly in correlation with Goldoni’s verses. Although these two works came from different poetic et musical cultures, they entered into mutual conversation. The work of Italian composer Duni demonstrates how the lens of hybridity can give a new impetus tounderstanding this satiric and original theme.