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V-6 Ordinis quinti tomus sextus

Christiani matrimonii institutio - Vidua Christiana

Edited by A.G. Weiler and M. Cytowska

The sixth volume of Ordo V of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus presents the instruction for a Christian marriage and a consolation for a Christian widow. It offers the Latin texts in a critical edition and a comprehensive introduction in German to the Institutio as well as a concise one in French to the Vidua, and commentary notes including an identification of sources quoted, and, where relevant, any linguistic, philological, theological or historical background information necessary to understand the Latin text.
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Edited by M.L. van Poll-van de Lisdonk and M. Cytowska

The second volume of the Adagia (Proverbs) of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus gives an introduction in German and a critical edition of the Latin text of the second half of the first thousand Adages. The text is accompanied by notes in German that trace Erasmus’ sources and give linguistic, historical, philological and, where appropriate, theological background information which elucidates the text and Erasmus’ way of working.
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Edited by M. Cytowska, J. Domanski, C.L. Heesakkers and J.H. Waszink

This volume of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus contains several works intended for scholarship in Classics. It includes discourse on the correct pronunciation of Latin and Greek, rhetoric, and Classical Latin, in a compendium of the handbook by Lorenzo Valla, as well as a declamation in praise of medicine. The volume offers a critical edition of the Latin text with introductions and commentaries in French and in English explaining the philological, linguistic and historical problems the reader could meet.