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Peachin, M. Roman Imperial Titulature and Chronology, A.D. 235-284. 1989
This study is a basic work of reference for the history of the Roman Empire during the midthird century A.D. The book consists of two principal parts. Part two, upon which the first is based, is a catalogue that lists all known variants of the titulature of each emperor from this period. In turn, each variant is accompanied by a list of all attestations (including coins, inscriptions, papyri) of that formula. An introduction traces briefly the historical development of the official titular formula, and then discusses the method of granting this formula at the beginning of the period in question. The introduction is followed by a chapter that evaluates the source material. Given a secure basic understanding of how the ancient testimonia are to be employed, the book then progresses to a chapter that sets out a complete chronology for the period.
SA 29 (1989), 543 p. Cloth. 21x28 cm. - 118.00 EURO, ISBN: 9050630340

This volume offers an expansive approach to interactions between Romans and those beyond the borders of Rome. The range of papers included here is wide, both in terms of subject matter and with respect to approach. That said, a number of important themes bind the essays. Who is an insider, and who the outsider? How were these categories of person, or identity, fashioned and/or recognized in antiquity? How shall we recognize them now? What are the categories, or standards, for measuring or determining inside and outside in the Roman world? And then, of course, what are the repercussions when inside and outside come into contact? What happens when the outside is in, or the inside out?