Authors: MA Huaide and Kong Xiangwen

Based on major landmark events and the rule of law development, the administrative rule-of-law construction in China, over 40 years since the initiation of the reform and opening up policy, can be divided into four stages: the “recovery” stage; the “rapid development by focusing on administrative legislation” stage; the “implementing the basic policy of law-based governance of the country and focusing on law-based administration of government” stage; and the “simultaneous advancement and integrated construction in building the rule of law in China” stage. Over the past 40 years, China’s administrative rule-of-law construction has achieved fruitful results in terms of theoretical shaping, system construction, and concept popularization. The future construction of the administrative rule of law should promptly respond to the theoretical needs put forward by state governance, administrative changes, emerging science, and technology development, and it should continue to improve the theoretical system of administrative law with Chinese characteristics; we should strengthen legislation in key areas, solve practical problems in the construction of a government under the rule of law, and promote the effect of law enforcement and system implementation. We should also focus on improving the awareness and qualities of the rule of law at all levels of leading cadres and form a good rule of law atmosphere in the entire society.

In: Frontiers of Law in China
In: Democracy and the Rule of Law in China