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One major work stands out from the large compositional output of émigré composer and pianist Franz Reizenstein (1911–1968), in respect of its close relationship to his personal experience as a refugee, the one-act radio opera Anna Kraus (1952). It was the BBC’s first ‘radio opera’ and the British entry for the 1952 Italia Prize. Remarkably, however, since its first broadcasts, it has never been revived. It is my contention that Anna Kraus represents a stimulating commentary on the experience and trauma of the Holocaust. I trace the opera’s genesis and reception within the context of the composer’s life and contemporary social-political events of the time, and propose that its artistic achievement resides in three main aspects: its contemporary musical language; its innovative form belonging to the emerging genre of ‘radio opera’; and how it is one of the earliest operas to grapple with the theme of the Holocaust and its psychological impact. Its continued relevance in our own time suggests that the opera deserves a long-overdue revival.

In: Music and Exile
In: Music and Exile
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How did exiled musicians from Germany and Austria, who reached safety at Kitchener Camp in Britain, find themselves in an Australian internment camp in New South Wales in 1940? What were the institutions that helped Jewish refugee musicians survive in wartime Shanghai? What happened to Austrian musicians who were trapped in the Netherlands after the German occupation?
These and other questions, and the larger stories they refer to, form the compelling content of this book. Other topics include the struggle of the Vienna operetta composers Granichstaedten and Katscher in USA, the relationship of émigré composer Berthold Goldschmidt to his native Hamburg and the reception of his ‘exile opera’ Beatrice Cenci. Studies of Mischa Spoliansky’s music for the movie Mr. Emmanuel(1944) and Franz Reizenstein’s radio opera Anna Kraus form part of the fourteen essays on exile musical history in Britain, Europe, USA, Australia and the Far East, based on cutting edge archival research and interviews by leading scholars.
This volume represents some of the activities of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy from the academic year 1996-97. It contains eight colloquia which were hosted by seven different universities within the greater Boston area. The volume is dominated by discussions of the works of Plato, while there is one colloquium dedicated to Artistotle and another to Sophocles' Philoctetes. With regard to Plato, his notion of the philosopher-ruler gets most attention, while other topics discussed include his concept of thinking, the role which perplexity plays in his dialogues, his theory of sense perception in the Timaeus, and the image of the prisoners in the Republic. With respect to Aristotle there is a discussion of essence and necessity in his concept of science, while the paper on Sophocles discusses the related themes of friendship and virtue.

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