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A new species of the Scinax ruber clade from the Brazilian Cerrado Domain similar to Scinax fuscomarginatus, S. parkeri, S. trilineatus and S. wandae is described. It is characterized by small snout-vent lenght, body slender, head approximately as long as wide and slightly wider than body, subovoid snout in dorsal view, protruding snout in lateral view, a developed supratympanic fold, absence of flash colour on the posterior surfaces of thighs, hidden portions of shanks and groin, and large vocal sac. Scinax lutzorum sp. nov. differs from S. fuscomarginatus, S. parkeri and S. trilineatus by its slightly larger SVL; from Scinax fuscomarginatus and S. parkeri it differs by its more slender body; from Scinax fuscomarginatus and S. trilineatus the new species differs by its wider head and more protruding eyes; and it differs from Scinax parkeri and S. wandae by its shorter snout. Comments on the type specimens of S. fuscomarginatus are presented and a lectotype is designated for this species.

In: Amphibia-Reptilia