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Water supply has been one of the most important services in Spain since the mid-nineteenth century. Therefore, this chapter presents an analysis of the public water supply service in the city of Cadiz (Andalusia, southern Spain) during the nineteenth century. Specifically, it studies the water supply in the city, the nature of the management and supply of this resource and the main characteristics of the supply. In addition, this work shows the group of private companies that emerged in the city of Cadiz and contributed to the development of the sector. In particular, the study analyses the role played by the London-based company The Cadiz Water Works Company Limited in providing the service for the management and supply of drinking water to the city of Cadiz. So, this chapter seeks to address the principal characteristics of this company and the sector, and the most relevant problems prevailing to determine how the water supply and management service was developed in the city.

In: Ecological Crisis and Water Supply
The Case of Andalusia in the Spanish Hydrological Context
This book analyses the origin and evolution of the water supply service in Andalusia (southern Spain) between 1800 and 2020 from several perspectives. It does so from a historical perspective, to understand the evolution of the service over the years; from an economic perspective, as it is very useful to obtain an overview of the level of efficiency of the service; from a legislative perspective, as the regulatory framework of each era determines the models of management and provision of the service; and, finally, from an ecological and environmental perspective, of great importance in the New Water Culture and the protection of this resource. The volume's main objective is to contribute to the extension of knowledge and analysis of the processes of municipalisation and/or privatisation of this service in Andalusia, with the aim of providing those responsible for local governments and administrations, both political and technical, with useful reflection and illustrative information on the use of municipalisation and/or privatisation as instruments for the reform of the local public sector.

Contributors are: María Ana Bernardo, Ana Cardoso de Matos, José Escalante Jiménez, Antonio Rafael Fernández-Paradas, Mercedes Fernández-Paradas, Leticia Gallego Valero, Víctor Manuel Heredia-Flores, Carlos Larrinaga, Nuria Magaldi, Alberte Martínez-López, Juan Manuel Matés-Barco, Jesús Mirás Araujo, Encarnación Moral Pajares, Jesús Raúl Navarro García, Nuria Rodríguez Martín, and María Vázquez-Fariñas.