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Just before the outbreak of World War 1, a group of writers, artists and philosophers decided to establish a spiritual rule over Europe, the Forte Kreis. The group aimed at a reconciliation in Europe, by establishing pacifism, but also between East and West by creating a new language. Their thoughts have been documented a several archives in Europe. By bringing them together, a picture emerges of a blend of elitist naiveté and prophetic foresight. The need for a supra-national spiritual guidance seems as relevant today as it was hundred years ago.

In: Religion and Theology
In: Religious Identity and the Problem of Historical Foundation
In: Sanctity of Time and Space in Tradition and Modernity
In: Purity and Holiness
In: In Search of Truth. Augustine, Manichaeism and other Gnosticism
In: Prophecy and Prophets in Stories
In: Debating Levinas’ Legacy
In: Saints and Role Models in Judaism and Christianity
In: Iconoclasm and Iconoclash
In: Hebrew Texts in Jewish, Christian and Muslim Surroundings