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In: Translocality
In: Translocality
in Encyclopaedia of Islam Three Online

This article looks at the creation of feelings and their expression in Delhi in the 1840s and investigates the link between spaces and the emotions that they are built to evoke in the actors moving through them. Further, it investigates the intertwined relations between emotions and changing affective practices. For this, it draws on several archives that have long been viewed as belonging to different disciplines and proposes developing ways in which the interface between linguistic and non-linguistic sources can be explored, ranging from architecture—streets, buildings, and gardens—to miniatures and paintings, from census reports to poetry to topographical descriptions.

In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
The Study of Globalising Processes from a Southern Perspective
This volume discusses globalising processes from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences. It focuses on the ‘global south’, notably the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Densely researched case studies examine a variety of approaches for their potential to understand connecting processes on different scales. The studies seek to overcome the main traps of the ‘globalisation’ paradigm, such as its occidental bias, its notion of linear expansion, its simplifying dichotomy between ‘local’ and ‘global’, and an often-found lack of historical depth. They elaborate the asymmetries, mobilities, opportunities and barriers involved in globalising processes. Their new perspective on these processes is captured by the concept of ‘translocality’, which aims at integrating a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches from different disciplines.