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In developing the Science Teacher Education Project Southern Philippines (STEPS), the University of San Carlos, Philippines and the Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands cooperated to establish and institutionalise a pre-service science and mathematics teacher education program and to improve the quality of science and mathematics education in the university. The project succeeded in recruiting and retaining top students for science teacher education, to develop realistic teaching methods for crowded Philippine classrooms, to integrate subject-specific pedagogy into science and science education courses and support this by original faculty research, to build excitement into teacher science courses, and maintain stimulating contacts with graduates teaching in schools. The project's outreach to university science departments had demonstrated classroom impact with about 50% of faculty participating and highlighted the importance of mentoring, team teaching and sustained institutional support for teaching improvement. This chapter discusses the requirements for achieving improvement of education at the classroom level and for institutionalising the gains.

In: Education Reform in Societies in Transition