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Marita Akhøj Nielsen


Today philology has to face several challenges, three of the most important being: 1) to educate the philologists of tomorrow, for example by arousing the interest of talented students, 2) to maintain the status of philology in scholarly contexts by convincing scholars from other fields that their research must be based on properly edited texts, and 3) to demonstrate the importance of philology in today’s culture, where we have to make ancient or older texts accessible to and understandable by the general public. One way to meet these challenges is with online scholarly editions. To comply with philological traditions, these editions should comprise introductions, a critical apparatus, and explanatory annotations. Profiting from new technology, they should be open to differing views and queries, comprising both links to relevant dictionaries from every word in the text and links to explanatory notes on selected words, for example proper names. The chapter presents an archive consisting of two integrated online resources offered by the Society for Danish Language and Literature that has to a certain extent realized these ideals. Although the archive deals specifically with Old Danish language and literature, it is the aim of the chapter to give inspiration for similar projects in other countries.