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In: Hölderlin-Jahrbuch
In: Hölderlin-Jahrbuch
In: Bertolt Brecht


Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino is one of the most fascinating religious films of recent decades. Its portrayal of confession is highly ambiguous and multi-layered, as it both mocks confession and recognizes the enduring importance of its moral core. Equally complex is the film’s imitation and reversal of the Christ story. The religious dimension is interwoven with a complex portrayal and evaluation of multicultural America that does not shy away from unveiling elements of moral ugliness in American history and the American spirit, even as it provides a redemptive image of American potential. The film reflects on the shallowness of a modern culture devoid of tradition and higher meaning without succumbing to an idealization of pre-modern culture. The film is also Eastwood’s deepest and most effective criticism of the relentless logic of violence and so reverses a common conception of Eastwood’s world-view.

In: Religion and the Arts
Neununddreißigster Band 2014–2015
Das Hölderlin-Jahrbuch 39, 2014-2015, bringt Beiträge der 34. Jahresversammlung der Hölderlin-Gesellschaft 2014 in Konstanz zu dem Thema Hölderlin und die Religion und enthält darüber hinaus Abhandlungen u. a. zu Hölderlins Aufenthalt in Zürich 1791, zum Vergleich der Oden Der Main und Der Nekar und zu einem Entwurf im Homburger Folioheft. Rezensionen sowie Berichte aus den Arbeitsgesprächen und dem Forum junger Hölderlin-Forscher runden den Band ab.