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Emily van Zee, Mary Long and Mark Windschitl

Erin Marie Furtak, Jessica Thompson, Melissa Braaten and Mark Windschitl

Connecting Research to Practice for Better Beginnings

Drawing upon What We Know to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Newly Hired Science Teachers


Julie A. Luft, Shannon L. Dubois, Eric R. Banilower, Benjamin J. Campbell, Brett A. Criswell, Joel D. Donna, Jonah B. Firestone, Katie Greisen, Molly M. Henschel, Kathleen M. Hill, Jacqueline T. McDonnough, Hillary Merk, Ryan S. Nixon, Gail Richmond, Gillian H. Roehrig, Gregory T. Rushton, David Stoupe, Angela W. Webb, Mark Windschitl and Sissy S. Wong