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Markku Sotarauta and Tuomo Heinonen

The main aims of this paper are (a) to construct a generic conceptual model for the Triple Helix model based on competence sets and hence (b) to identify the systemlevel generic competencies needed in the emergence of a new industry. This paper suggests that to gain additional analytical leverage on the Triple Helix model, we need to study it also by focusing on generic competencies called for in the interaction between the main institutional spheres. Hence, there is a need to focus on interacting and conflicting system-level generic competencies that either enhance or hamper innovation processes. It is believed here that a competence set is the core of any Triple Helix constellation, but it is also believed that different competencies are manifested in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the specific system and related industries. The competence set model is elaborated upon by using the emergence of human spare parts industry in Tampere, Finland, as an illustrative case to highlight the otherwise conceptual discussion.

JEL classification: O31, O32, O33