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This book is a collection of notable papers from the first six volumes of the journal Comparative Sociology. Its content represents leading-edge and contemporarily astute analyses in the burgeoning science of comparative sociology, especially relevant to a globalizing world in transition. Given that not everyone is acquainted with comparative sociology, this book offers an opportunity to enlighten readers unfamiliar with the discipline about the importance of comparative sociology to the new world order. Taken together, the articles illuminate various aspects of comparative sociology—theoretical, methodological, substantive. Some compare social entities in subjective, case-study fashion, while others report on rigorous social research. All contribute in one form or another to describing the many and varied facets of the exciting “new” science of comparative sociology.

Contributors are Margit Bussmann, Cristina Corduneanu-Huci, Mattei Dogan, Janet Harkness, Kristen R. Heimdal, Sharon K. Houseknecht, Ho-fung Hung, Ronald Inglehart, Valeriy Khmelko, Melvin L. Kohn, Robert M. Marsh, Peter Ph. Mohler, Pippa Norris, John R. Oneal, Noriko Onodera, Maryjane Osa, Vladimir I. Paniotto, Masamichi Sasaki, Shalom H. Schwartz, Tom W. Smith, Indra de Soysa, Tatsuzo Suzuki, Erich Weede, Brigitte Weiffen, and Masato Yoneda.

The content of this volume has previously been published in Comparative Sociology volumes 1 – 6.3.
Elites come in many forms and express themselves in an extraordinary variety of ways. This collection reflects just that diversity. From an overview of elites for the relatively uninitiated to comparative studies of elites in individual, national, social and political contexts, this work is both historical and contemporary, and encompasses a variety of case studies of elite individuals as well as elites in a broad range of national and political environments. All this is intended to assist those interested in the study of elites from historical and contemporary theoretical and empirical perspectives. Ultimately, this volume suggests many opportunities for further study and research.
In: Trust
In: The Moral Fabric in Contemporary Societies
Values and Attitudes across Nations and Time contributes to an ever-growing body of work focussing on the elucidation of variations in values and attitudes throughout the world - not only what they actually are, but also strategies for their detection, description and classification. Researchers in the field seek to identify both similarities and differences. In this work, quantitative and qualitative views and methods are explored by nine well-known authors: Masamichi Sasaki, current President of the International Institute of Sociology; Theodore Caplow of the University of Virginia; Mattei Dogan of the National Center of Scientific Research, Paris; S.N. Eisenstadt of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Chikio Hayashi of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo; Geert Hofstede of the University of Limburg at Maastricht in The Netherlands; Alex Inkeles of Stanford University; P. Herbert Leiderman of the Stanford University Medical School; Robert M. Marsh of Brown University; and Carmi Schooler of the National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, USA.
In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology
In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology
In: Identity, Culture and Globalization