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A Linguistic and Exegetical Study of Karaite Translations of the Pentateuch from the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries C.E.
Author: Meira Polliack
This volume deals with the medieval Karaite practice and concept of Arabic Bible translation. It is based on a linguistic analysis of Karaite versions of the Pentateuch written in Palestine during the 10th and 11th centuries C.E.
Trends and tendencies in the Karaite translations are discussed in the light of individual Karaite statements on the art and purpose of Bible translation, and in comparison with Saadiah Gaon's translation methodology, in an attempt to reconstruct the possible origins and historical background of the Karaite translation tradition.
The exegetical study is especially relevant to the Bible scholar and medieval philosopher, while the linguistic study will also interest the comparative Semitist, translation theorist and all those concerned with Judaeo-Arabic language and literature.
Editor: Meira Polliack
Karaism is a Jewish religious movement of a scripturalist and messianic nature, which emerged in the Middle Ages in the areas of Persia-Iraq and Palestine and has maintained its unique and varied forms of identity and existence until the present day, undergoing resurgent cycles of creativity, within its major geographical centres of the Middle-East, Byzantium-Turkey, the Crimea and Eastern Europe.
This Guide to Karaite Studies contains thirty-seven chapters which cover all the main areas of medieval and modern Karaite history and literature, including geographical and chronological subdivisions, and special sections devoted to the history of research, manuscripts and printing, as well as detailed bibliographies, index and illustrations. The substantial volume reflects the current state of scholarship in this rapidly growing sub-field of Jewish Studies, as analysed by an international team of experts and taught in various universities throughout Europe, Israel and the United States.
In: Vetus Testamentum