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This international collection of essays on globalization and health examines the global health issues associated with the economic, technological, political, social, cultural and environmental effects of globalization—the increasing movement of capital, people, technology, goods, information, environmental pollution, and disease around the globe. These essays analyze the complex linkages between globalization and health, the health effects of globalization at all levels (global, national, and local), and the policy and institutional responses associated with the health consequences of globalization.


This introductory article provides an overview of the contemporary effects of globalization and neoliberalism on the developing countries. It provides a critical examination of the effects these two contemporary forces are having on economic, political, and social conditions in these societies at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Through critically analyzing the contemporary nature, context, and effects of globalization and neoliberalism in these societies, this article provides a critique of the contemporary global capitalist system and the adverse consequences suffered by the developing countries as a result of their "integration" into this system. The other contributions to this special issue of the Journal of Developing Societies are introduced at the end of this introductory essay.

In: Journal of Developing Societies