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Michael Hayes

This short paper discusses teaching western Cultural Studies, in particular Australian Cultural Studies, in Thailand. By contextualising pedagogical issues, such as classroom practices and course contents, with the surrounding economic, institutional, and national educational agendas, this paper outlines some of the tensions between western and Asian tertiary education systems. Specifically, examining the development and place of cultural studies in the western university highlights the inability for cultural studies to articulate its specific view of culture.

Pauline Sameshima, Sean Wiebe and Michael T. Hayes


The arrival of post-qualitative arts methodologies is unsurprisingly a critique of the metanarratives that have reduced the complexity of methodology to the instrumentalism of the methodical. Locating their work in the theoretically innovative post-qualitative, the authors affirm imagination as method. They detail how in the creative moment(s) of making there is not only a positive entanglement of the researchers’ relational constructions of knowing, knowledge, the self, and the world; but also a recognition of moral obligation. Because the content of what is imagined is both within and beyond shared perceptions, imagination as method can be detailed and precise; it can be coherent, informative, convincing, even compelling action, but it is always imaginative – and this is its promise for post-qualitative research. The authors suggest that a politics of the imagination turns away from the source of contention to generate new networks and systems of social relationships: it is not a resistance but a making. As a political imagination, research is the generative poiesis that emerges through and within specific acts of creation and generation. An example of a collaborative poetry writing practice is used to demonstrate imagination as method and to fractal the notions of value-creation, meaning-making, and imaginative play within the Canadian arts education research context.

Crawford, Michael J., Mark L. Hayes and Michael D. Sessions

Crawford, Michael J., Mark L. Hayes and Michael D. Sessions

Crawford, Michael J., Mark L. Hayes and Michael D. Sessions

Crawford, Michael J., Mark L. Hayes and Michael D. Sessions

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