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A. F. Muhammad and Michael M. Micko

The concentrations of minerals were studied in decayed, discoloured and clear wood of Aspen using both light and electron microscopes. Kevex X-ray energy spectrometer system and atomic absorption spectrophotometer analyses revealed that the concentration of K, Na, Ca, Mn, Mg were highest in the decayed wood and lowest in clear wood. Discoloured wood showed an intermediate concentration. Only crystalline calcium was present in the decayed wood and phloem. Association of wood rotting fungi seems to be closely related to the accumulation of calcium crystals.

Alvin D. Yanchuk and Michael M. Micko

Fifteen geneticall y distinct clones of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) from natural stands in central Albena, Canada, were sampled to examine radial variation of wood density and libriform fibre length. Six clones were chosen to graphically display the large amount of variation that occurs, among clones and among trees within clones for both traits. Variation in change of wood density across the radii among clones was substantial. The most obvious clonal patterns of change were 1) for trees to have a very high wood density near the pith, then wood density decreases and stabilises, and 2) wood density increases steadily across the radius. Fibre length patterns of change across the radius were all very similar. The results indicate that early assessments of wood density in aspen may not be an accurate reflection of what the long-term average wOod density may be for a particulary aspen clone.

Michael M. Micko, Alvin D. Yanchuk, Eugene I.C. Wang and Fred W. Taylor