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Michael Rand

The present article briefly reviews the research that has been conducted to-date on the use of Aramaic in Classical piyyut, and provides new material in this field: the silluq ‮תשמיע ניחומים ללישה‬‎ from a qedushta for Shabbat Shimʿu by Yoḥanan ha-Kohen, which includes an Aramaic passage. One of the manuscript sources for this composition, ms. ENA 3443/2, is also analyzed, and its copyist is identified as Eli ben Yehoshua he-Ḥaver (11th century). The article is provided with an appendix, in which Sahlan ben Avraham’s Targum poem ‮איתחברו ירחי שתא‬‎, a dispute between the months, is re-edited on the basis of newly-discovered material.