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Author: Michael Tuval


This chapter analyzes some prominent Diaspora writings, and describes the various components of their religious constructs. It provides some introductory material concerning the corpus of literature. Then the chapter concentrates on the analysis of what these particular compositions say about the Temple and the cult. On the basis of the analysis the chapter documents the development of religious ideas and identity paradigms created to provide coherence outside of the system of the Temple and its cult. The chapter then compares what Diaspora authors say on the Temple-and-sacrifice-related topics with parallel Palestinian material, indicating differences, novelties, and alternatives in light of what has been stated above. It examines three representatives of mystic Diaspora compositions a romance (Joseph and Senath), an enigmatic, fragmentary Prayer of Joseph, and an apocalypse known as 2 Enoch. The second part of this book retells the story of the Exodus and the Wilderness wanderings.

In: Was 70 CE a Watershed in Jewish History?
In: Flavius Josephus
In: Journal for the Study of Judaism