Health and sex education in India

The collapse of a policy

Mala Sharda and Mike Watts

Princy Selvaruby and Mike Watts

Academic Growth in Higher Education

Questions and Answers

Edited by Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus and Mike Watts

Many changes in higher education have derived from Europe-wide initiatives such as the Bologna process, and have given increasing attention to student-centred learning and teaching approaches, allied to growth in teachers’ scholarship and academic development. Academic Growth in Higher Education: Questions and Answers centers around a decade-long research project, which is one component of a long-standing programme focused on ways to promote academic development and scholarship in higher education.

The purpose of the book is to highlight debates and issues important in teaching and learning at the tertiary level in universities, colleges and schools – exploring issues that teachers and lecturers will need to address throughout their professional lives. These issues surround acts of student-centred learning, inquiry-based learning, teachers’ own practices in the classroom and, every bit as significant, the activities generated by their students in the process of learning. The intention is to identify some of the debates relevant to teaching and learning, to challenge some of the orthodoxies within traditional forms of teaching and learning, and to suggest some solutions though current practice over a wide context of activity.

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus and Mike Watts

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus and Mike Watts

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus, Mike Watts and Betina da Silva Lopes

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus, Aurora Coelho Moreira and Mike Watts

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus, Cecilia Guerra and Mike Watts


Debates and Dilemmas

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus, Júlio Pedrosa and Mike Watts

Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus, Aurora Coelho Moreira, Betina da Silva Lopes, Cecilia Guerra and Mike Watts