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In: The Reconfiguration of Hebrew in the Hellenistic Period
In: The Dead Sea Scrolls In Context (2 vols) 
Author: Moshe Bar-Asher


This chapter situates the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the historical context of written Hebrew, which stretches more than 1300 years: beginning with Biblical Hebrew, through the Qumran scrolls, and ending with the language of the Tannaim. Throughout this time, a spoken language stood behind this written heritage. General conclusions require comprehensive examinations upon which to build, and what is necessary is this type of examination of many grammatical and lexical issues. The chapter offers studies of just two linguistic issues, which provide insights into the diachronic developments that encompassed these three strata. It is clear, however, that every linguistic fact that can be examined through diachronic lenses will add to the general picture of the language and the accepted chronological order: Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Mishnaic Hebrew.

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls In Context (2 vols) 
In: Diggers at the Well
In: Hebrew in the Second Temple Period