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Author: Muhsin S. Mahdi
Almost three centuries have passed since the oldest manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights arrived in Europe. Since then, the Nights have occupied the minds of scholars world-wide, in particular the questions of origin, composition, language and literary form.
In this book, Muhsin Mahdi, whose critical edition of the text brought so much praise, explores the complex literary history of the Nights, bringing to fruition the search for the archetype that constituted the core of the surviving editions, and treating the fascinating story of the growth of the collection of stories that we now know as The Thousand and One Nights.
Author: Muhsin S. Mahdi
This volume of Indexes and an extensive English introduction completes the publication of the critical edition of The Thousand and One Nights, of which the first two volumes, the Arabic text and commentary, were published in 1984. For the first time, the oldest manuscript of this famous Arabic text is now completely accessible to scholars and interested readers. This third and final volume, which completes painstaking work of more than three decades, magnificently adds to the important and pioneering work by Muhsin Mahdi which has been lauded by so many.
Author: Muhsin S. Mahdi
This is a paperback reprint in two volumes of Muhsin Mahdi’s classic edition of the oldest preserved manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights kept in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, which was originally published in three volumes (1984-1994). The reprint includes the original survey (in Arabic) of both the print and manuscript traditions of The Thousand and One Nights, with extensive notes and four appendices.

Volume 1. Introduction by Aboubakr Chraïbi; Preface by Muhsin Mahdi; Arabic Text
Volume 2. Critical Apparatus; Description of Manuscripts; Indexes, Errata by Ibrahim Akel