In: International Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms
In: Law, Politics and Rights
In: The African Union: Legal and Institutional Framework
Authors: Muna Ndulo and Dae Un Hong


In recent times, international election monitoring – led by the United Nations and regional organizations – has become contested and instead of easing tensions by increasing confidence in the election process it is alleged, has become one of the sources of tension. International election observers are often accused of legitimizing flawed elections. In Africa, often the circumstances under which elections are held present special difficulties and challenges. With specific reference to the 2016 Zambian general elections, this chapter discusses: (1) the history of international monitoring of national elections; (2) approaches adopted in monitoring elections; (3) impact of election observer missions; and (4) suggests ways election monitoring could be improved and made more effective.

In: Democracy and Electoral Politics in Zambia
In: Democracy and Electoral Politics in Zambia