This new monograph on maritime delimitation by Dr. Nuno Antunes is based on a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Durham. The work is one of legal, political and technical analysis of an aspect of the law of the sea that is of current interest in all regions of the world.


On 29 March 1994, Cameroon seized the International Court of Justice of a dispute against Nigeria. Inter alia, Cameroon requested the Court "to proceed to prolong the course of its maritime boundary with the Federal Republic of Nigeria up to the limit of the maritime zones which international law places under their respective jurisdictions". Considering that its rights and interests might be affected by the Court's decision on this matter, Equatorial Guinea filed an Application for Permission to Intervene in the Cameroon v Nigeria case. By an order of 21 October 1999 the Court granted Equatorial Guinea's request. This article seeks to examine the question of maritime delimitation as it is presented to the Court in the Cameroon v Nigeria case, taking into account the geographical setting that characterises the Gulf of Guinea, an area where the potential maritime entitlements of five states overlap considerably.

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law