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Bertram Lohmüller, Alexander Petrikhin and Norbert Wagemann

Our research focuses on ‘Hidden CTOs’ defined as executives who perform technology manager functions without having official titles related to technological issues in contrast to executives who have an official position related to technological issues (general abbreviation CTOs––Chief Technology Officers).

This paper presents an analysis of data collected from a number of executives via an international business environment, namely a study of their core functional activities, areas of responsibility, and of how the core stakeholders influence their “managerial power” within and outside of the parent companies/organizations. The empirical results of the study were obtained from the international cluster project “Intelligent use of biomass along the Danube: R&D network formation with German, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian partners”

The first results demonstrate a strong correlation between the technology manager’s functional priority and specifics of various business sectors and technologies applied there.