International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 1

Knowledge, Beliefs, and Identity in Mathematics Teaching and Teaching Development (Second Edition)


Edited by Despina Potari and Olive Chapman

This second edition of the International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education builds on and extends the topics/ideas in the first edition while maintaining the themes for each of the volumes. Collectively, the authors looked back beyond and within the last 10 years to establish the state-of-the-art and continuing and new trends in mathematics teacher and mathematics teacher educator education, and looked forward regarding possible avenues for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and policy makers to consider to enhance and/or further investigate mathematics teacher and teacher educator learning and practice, in particular. The volume editors provide introductions to each volume that highlight the subthemes used to group related chapters, which offer meaningful lenses to see important connections within and across chapters. Readers can also use these subthemes to make connections across the four volumes, which, although presented separately, include topics that have relevance across them since they are all situated in the common focus regarding mathematics teachers.

Volume 1, Knowledge, Beliefs, and Identity in Mathematics Teaching and Teaching Development, edited by Despina Potari and Olive Chapman, examines teacher knowledge, beliefs, identity, practice and relationships among them. These important aspects of mathematics teacher education continue to be the focus of extensive research and policy debate globally. Thus, as the first volume in the series, it appropriately addresses central topics/issues that provide an excellent beginning to engage in the field of mathematics education though the handbook.

Contributors are: Jill Adler, Mike Askew, Maria Bartolini Bussi, Anne Bennison, Kim Beswick, Olive Chapman, Charalambos Charalambus, Helen Chick, Marta Civil, Sandra Crespo, Sean Delaney, Silvia Funghi, Merrilyn Goos, Roberta Hunter, Barbara Jaworski, Kim Koh, Esther S. Levenson, Yeping Li, Niamh O’ Meara, JoengSuk Pang, Randolph Phillipp, Despina Potari, Craig Pournara, Stephen Quirke, Alessandro Ramploud, Tim Rowland, John (Zig) Siegfried, Naiqing Song, Konstantinos Stouraitis, Eva Thanheiser, Collen Vale, Hamsa Venkat, and Huirong Zhang.

João Pedro da Ponte and Olive Chapman