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Een bijdrage tot het begrijpen van niet-westerse samenlevingen
In: Man, Meaning and History
In: Symbolic Anthropology in the Netherlands
In: Unity in Diversity
In: Unity in Diversity
In: Cultural Contact and Textual Interpretation
This collective volume contains papers and comments on these papers from an international symposium on "Indonesia as a Field of Anthropological Study" held in Leiden, 22-26 November 1982. The following contributions are listed: P.E. de Josselin de Jong, “A field of anthropological study in transformation” (with comments by G.B. Milner) / Robert Blust, “Indonesia as a ‘Field of Linguistic Study’” / A. Teeuw, “Indonesia as a ‘Field of Literary Study’. A case study: genealogical narrative texts as an Indonesian literary genre” (with comments by Els Postel) / Sandra Niessen, “Textiles are female... but what is femaleness? Toba Batak textiles in the Indonesian field of ethnological study” (with comments by Wolfgang Marschall) / David S. Moyer, “South Sumatra in the Indonesian Field of Anthropological Study” (with comments by C.W. Watson) / J.J.J.M. Wuisman, “The Rejang and the Field of Anthropological study concept” (with comments by William D. Wilder) / Peter J.M. Nas, “Settlements as symbols: The Indonesian town as a Field of Anthropological Study” / Hans-Dieter Evers, “Cities as a ‘Field of Anthropological Studies’ in South-East Asia” / R. Hagesteijn, “Continental Southeast Asian political myths compared” / J.D.M. Platenkamp, “The Tobelo of Eastern Halmahera in the context of the Field of Anthropological study” (with comments by Cécile Barraud) / L.E. Visser, “Who are the Sahu and what do they belong to?” (with comments by E.K.M. Masinambow) / Rodney Needham, “The transformation of prescriptive systems in Eastern Indonesia” / P.E. de Josselin de Jong, “Summary and conclusions”