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This volume brings together a fascinating collection of essays on air law, approached from national, European and international perspectives. These perspectives often interact, always interestingly, but not necessarily harmoniously, a theme which forms a Leitmotiv in the writings, reports and pleadings of John Balfour, to whom the volume is dedicated. Written by a diverse group of experts in the field of air law, the collection is divided into three parts: Public Air Law, EU Air Law and Private Air Law.
Air Transport Law and Policy in the 1990s is a collection of articles by distinguished experts in the field of international civil aviation, airport management and aircraft manufacturing. It gives an insight into the most topical developments related to the airline industry, environment and infrastructure, multilateral trends in international air transport and aircraft production, finance and airworthiness. The subjects concerned are dealt with from a policy, legal, economic and technical perspective and have as an objective to indicate trends for the next decade.
Pablo Mendes de Leon is Director of the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University and a Board Member of the Netherlands Civil Aviation Foundation (Stichting Burgerluchtvaart). The Foundation has as its objective to promote the study of civil aviation from both a Dutch and an international perspective.
Emilie Aberson is a member of the Legal Division of the Netherlands Department of Civil Aviation.
In: From Lowlands to High Skies: A Multilevel Jurisdictional Approach Towards Air law
The nineties will be a turning point for international air transport and for space activities. Trends in civil aviation and outer space policies show the need to join forces to promote common interests, leading to the strengthening of the 'region' as a basis of co-operation.
As international air transport benefits from progressive liberalization at the same time ever greater regional co-operation between governments as well as between airlines is emerging. The European Communities offer a most interesting example of both trends, provoking similar initiatives in other areas of the world, among them East Asia.
With respect to commercial space activities, more especially those in the field of space transportation, a similar need for regional and even world-wide co-operation is arising.
In order to contribute to the promotion of a balanced regional approach in both civil aviation and outer space activities, the Graduate Institute of European Studies at Tamkang University and the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University organized a major international conference, entitled The Highways of Air and Outer Space Over Asia, in May 1991. The present work is the result of that conference. It is a collection of articles by the most qualified academics and practitioners from Asia, North America and Europe, covering topical subjects in the field of international civil aviation and outer space activities such as regulatory reform, aviation safety and security, liability in international air transport, the future Euro-Asian aviation relationship, the commercialization of outer space and cooperation between Europe and Asia with respect to outer space activities with special emphasis on the relationships between Asia on the one hand and Europe and the United States on the other.
Essays in Honour of Henri A. Wassenbergh
The aim of this unique volume is twofold. First and foremost, it sets out to offer the reader a comprehensive and challenging view, from some of the most distinguished scholars in the field, of present and future trends and issues in the fields of international air and space law.
By breaking new ground in this way, it pays tribute to the scholarly achievements of Henri (Or) Wassenbergh, whose ideas and work have helped to shape both air and space law throughout his long and distinguished career.
Air and Space Law: De Lege Ferenda will be of interest to all those concerned with the present status of air and space law, and with the challenges the aviation and space industry must face in the century to come.