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This paper aims at providing a very general overview of the written tradition of bi- or tri-lingual texts in many genres of the multilingual Hittite culture, on the one hand, and, on the other, on methodological debates concerning interplay and results of multilingualism. After sketching a typology of multilingualism considering the different expression of spoken vs written types, I here discuss, in the different contexts, the historical premises and the theoretical framework for multilingual and multidirectional contact.

In: Variation, Contact, and Reconstruction in the Ancient Indo-European Languages
In: Audias fabulas veteres. Anatolian Studies in Honor of Jana Součková-Siegelová


This paper aims at presenting some thoughts on the hypothesis of an Anatolian-Greek language area in the second millennium bc comparing different approaches both in the theoretical frames and in the analysis of the linguistic facts. For this purpose, it is necessary to introduce some terminological premises, followed by a selection of methodological issues, which will help explore the putative features that characterize the Anatolian-Greek area (morphological traits such as actionality markers, particles, verbal prefixes as well as special morphological forms; morphosyntactic traits, such as modal particles, sentence particles, absolute participial constructions; lexical units and phonetic features).

Open Access
In: Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia