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This article analyzes the work of Chloé Zhao and its reception in order to explore the role of female auteurs in 21st century world cinema. By comparing Zhao to Kelly Reichardt, another US director acclaimed internationally for distinctive works of US regional realism, the essay argues that US independent women directors critique American cultural hegemony and the global dominance of Hollywood both through the subject matter and formal structures of their films and through their positioning within the discourse of world cinema auteurism. After analyzing the authorial personae of both directors as constructed in their films and press reception, the essay offers close readings of Reichardt’s Certain Women and Zhao’s The Rider, both set in the US West, with specific attention to the perspectives of central Native American characters. The readings demonstrate how the filmmakers use realism to locate a singular, gendered authorial perspective on the world.

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In: Studies in World Cinema
In: Leaders in Philosophy of Education
In: Leaders in Philosophy of Education

The distribution of Varecia variegata at 3 sites in Ranomafana National Park is consistent with the hypothesis that this specialized frugivore is the most susceptible of 12 sympatric lemur species to habitat disruption brought about by selective logging. Varecia is most abundant at the least disturbed site and absent from the most intensively logged site. The logged area showed lower values for overall tree basal area, crown diameters and tree height and an increase in the number of trees, presumably because of growing saplings. Varecia select large food trees of species that are preferentially logged. Although tree species diversity may be higher after logging, many Varecia food trees were absent from disturbed forests.

In: Folia Primatologica