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In: The Moral Dimension of Asymmetrical Warfare
In: Ethics in Counter-Terrorism
Restraint, Stabilisation and Peace
Jus Post bellum: Restraint, Stabilisation and Peace seeks to answer the question “is restraint in war essential for a just and lasting peace”? With a foreword by Professor Brian Orend who asserts this as “a most commendable subject” in extending Just War Theory, the book contains chapters on the ethics of war-fighting since the end of the Cold War and a look into the future of conflict. From the causes of war, with physical restraint and reconciliation in combat and political settlement, further chapters written by expert academics and military participants cover international humanitarian law, practicalities of the use of force and some of the failures in achieving safe and lasting peace in modern-day theatres of conflict.


My aim in this chapter is to explain the dynamics of what are termed ‘narratives’. I place in the fore-front the realities of ‘battles of narratives’ characteristic of all armed conflict, violence and extreme competition between human-beings, in the attempt to understand what is happening. Truth and reality are under test, sometimes severe. Urban warfare is comprehensively described in other chapters, as derived in individuals’ lives and experiences. The context provides extreme events with a multiplicity of concurrent narratives, most difficult to understand let alone resolve physically and in accord with ethical principles. I also find that the physical and mental battles of narratives can be both real and synthetic accounts. That means too often we are tempted to be fixated on ‘The Narrative’ as a metaphor for communications of every sort.

In: The Ethics of Urban Warfare
In: Military Ethics and Leadership
In: Military Ethics and Leadership
In: Jus Post Bellum
In: Jus Post Bellum
In: Jus Post Bellum
In: Jus Post Bellum