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This volume deals with the philosophical and exegetical doctrines of one of the greatest figures of the Golden Age of Spain - Moses Ibn 'Ezra, as they appear in his Garden of the Metaphor ( Maqālat al-ḥadīqa). The latter, a study of man in his spiritual and physical aspects, is a résumé of all that a cultured Judaeo-arabic individual should know about philosophy. The author reviews the biblical metaphors dealing with man, against the background of the intellectual and literary climate of the period.
Actes d'un colloque international tenu par le Centre d'études juives Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne 1994
The present volume contains the procectings of a conference of " Writing and the Mystical Experience in the Religions of the Book" held at the Sorbonne in 1994. Though this theme is examined within the Christian and Islamic traditions, most of the contributions touch on this phenomenon in Jewish mysticism in the various stages of its historical development from the Midrash an d Merkabah right down to Luryanis Qabbalah and appear a lang site. Theoretical and methodoligical essays phenomenological studies of particular rituals connected with the mystical experience both in the Jewish and non-Jewish context. Of particular significance are the articles dealing with comparative aspects between Christian, Jewish and Muslim rituals such as baptism or the visitation of tombs.